Friday, Sep. 04, 2009

Capitalism: A Love Story

Opens Oct. 2 U.S.-wide (opens Sept. 23 in New York City and Los Angeles)
His anti-Iraq-invasion movie Fahrenheit 9/11 became a major issue in the 2004 presidential campaign, and his 2006 Sicko anticipated the health-care debate. Now Michael Moore, who proudly calls himself "the most feared filmmaker in America," has a docucomedy about last fall's Wall Street collapse, or swindle, or welfare for the rich. In a confrontational stunt dating back to Roger & Me 20 years ago, Moore shows up at AIG to make a citizen's arrest of the board of directors and backs an armored truck up to a bank to reclaim the billions it was given by the government. If there were ever a subject suitable to Moore's mixture of humor and outrage, the bailout would be it. This has got to be worth seeing, even if you need a loan to buy a ticket. Hey, buddy, can you spare $11?