Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2009

Spend Eternity With a Star

An auction for some Los Angeles real estate Monday may have set a new price-per-foot record — and all for a place without much of a view. A cemetery crypt located directly above Marilyn Monroe's final resting place sold on eBay for $4.6 million after a 10-day auction (bidding started at $500,000). The above-ground burial plot is currently occupied by Richard Poncher, a businessman who bought it from Joe DiMaggio during the slugger's divorce from Monroe in the 1950s. Poncher's widow, Elsie Poncher, who put the plot up for sale, says she'll use the auction proceeds to pay off the $1.6 million mortgage on her Beverly Hills home (and will move her husband to a different spot). It may be the final opportunity to reside so close to the legendary starlet — a crypt directly next to Monroe was bought by a blonde-preferring gentleman named Hugh Hefner.