Friday, Jul. 31, 2009

Philips Sonicare FlexCare

It's oh so easy to let little things like visiting the dentist go by the wayside during your tour of academia. The least you can do is keep your pearly whites squeaky clean with a cutting-edge electric toothbrush. The Sonicare FlexCare brush comes with a charging station, a pair of brush heads (standard and compact), three brushing modes (clean, sensitive and "massage") and a pair of timed "routines": a one-minute cycle for a quick brush, or three minutes for scrubbing off stubborn layers of plaque. The kit even comes with a UV cleaner for sanitizing your brush heads. The bad news? You still need to floss.

Price: $180

Ben Patterson is a tech writer based in Brooklyn, N.Y., who blogs about gadgets daily for Yahoo! Tech.