Friday, Jul. 31, 2009

Amazon Kindle DX

Lighten your load with Amazon's latest Kindle — the DX, a 19-oz. (0.5 kg) electronic reader that is only a third of an inch thick and comes with a 9.7-in. (25 cm) screen, 3.3 GB of storage (good for about 3,500 books, Amazon claims) and the ability to download an entire volume over its 3G antenna in under a minute. Not only will you be able to buy and download more than 275,000 books, newspapers and magazines from Amazon's standard Kindle catalog, you'll also get access to textbooks from such educational publishers as Cengage Learning, Pearson and Wiley. And thanks to the Kindle's low-power e-paper display, you'll be able to peruse your book collection for up to four days without plugging into an AC outlet.

Price: $489