Friday, Jul. 24, 2009

David Caruso

David Caruso strutted his stuff (not to mention his bare rear end) as detective John Kelly on ABC's top-rated drama NYPD Blue. But once he got a taste of fame, the Queens, N.Y., native wanted more. After just one breakout season, Caruso left the show in 1994 to the dismay of many fans. "A percentage of the mail is just furious, really outraged," show creator Steven Bochco said at the time. But the redhaired actor's movie career didn't take off, and he soon found himself doing turns in B-movies like Body Count and Black Point. In 2004 Caruso limped back to television, which welcomed him with open arms. Since then, he has starred on the forensics drama CSI: Miami, which in a 2006 survey was named the most popular TV show in the world.