Tuesday, Jul. 28, 2009

Join Travel Forums

Years ago, travel forums — in which users answer other users' questions — were hit or miss, with too many crackpots dominating the conversation. Certain forums, however, have matured to the point that you'd be unwise to ignore them. Forums like those on TripAdvisor.com, Fodors.com, Frommers.com and LonelyPlanet.com all handle destination advice well. But bear in mind that sites attract different kinds of travelers: Fodors users can skew older and wealthier, for example, while the Lonely Planet fan is typically younger and more likely to rough it.

Also check out CruiseCritic.com for a cruise lowdown, FlyerTalk.com for air travel, Chowhound.com and Roadfood.com for dining and Superfuture.com for a little bit of everything, especially cutting-edge design and shopping.