Wednesday, Jul. 22, 2009

Movie Ticket Sales Are Booming

Think about all those plasma TVs being carted home. Wouldn't it make sense that folks would stay home and use them in order to save a few bucks? But despite mounting economic woes movie attendance has been on a tear this year. Revenue is up 11% and audience numbers are up 9%, according to It could be that movies still represent one of the cheapest dates out there. "Going out to the movies remains a relatively inexpensive distraction from the daily stress over job security and paying bills," notes Bernard Baumohl, chief global economist at Economic Outlook Group. But you'd have trouble convincing me. A recent trip to the theater with my family (including snacks) ran nearly $100. The more likely answer is that folks will turn out in any environment for quality entertainment, and this year has seen a rash of blockbusters from Transformers to Star Trek to Up to Brüno.