Monday, Jul. 13, 2009

New Mexico

Photo credit: David Honl / ZUMA Press

Don't tell Al Gore about the Greater World Community in the hippie town of Taos. He'll pass out cold. The community takes environmentalism to the extreme, and all the houses — some 80 of them — are made entirely from old bottles, cans, tires and dirt. Each is also self-sufficient, generating its power from solar panels and getting water from rain collection. There are no water, power or sewer lines on the premises. Should the prospect of giving up creature comforts for good prove too daunting, you can always just rent one of the houses (or "earthships," as they're called here) for the night. The surprisingly comfortable-looking Helio House is available for let. And yes, it has a toilet. $150 for the first night, $100 for each thereafter