Monday, Jul. 13, 2009


Photo credit: Andre L. Smith / Wilmington City Ruff Rollers

Take one part roller-skating, add 900 parts mayhem, and you've got roller derby. The American-invented sport, which had died out since its height in the 1930s, has seen a renaissance in the past decade or so — reborn with a twist. The activity traditionally involves speeding around an oval track while elbowing your way through a pack of defenders, but the one difference today is that most of the players are women. Teams have sprouted up all over the country, including the Wilmington City Ruff Rollers, and if you don't think these ladies mean business, look no further than the names on the team's roster, which include Tina Feytal, Violet Bruises and Jodi Wan Kenobi. They're easily the best team in the country — and we're not just saying that because they threatened to hurt us. Tickets: $10