Tuesday, Jun. 30, 2009

Palin Gets Personal

To: Alaska Lieut. Governor Steve Parnell

From: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

Re: Last September, someone breached Palin's personal Yahoo! account and posted some of her messages, her password and a long list of contacts on Wikileaks.org, a site that anonymously hosts leaked government and corporate documents. The "scandalous" details of Palin's inbox, though, revealed little more than goofy family photos and a few e-mails to political colleagues (a no-no, according to government rules). But before a host of other would-be criminals could start spamming people using Palin's e-mail address, another Web impresario stepped in, changed the password again, and posted a note of his (or her) own: "This email was hacked by anonymous, but I took no part in that." A federal investigation eventually led to the door of David Kernell, the son of a Tennessee legislator (and Democrat). The college student pleaded not guilty in March to criminal charges.

Excerpt: Arghhh! He is so inconsistent and purposefully misleading! I am sorry Sean ... remember how he's said it all only really matters on matters like LIFE, honesty, ability, etc ... all those things you are (as opposed to attributes of your opponents)? He knows you fit all of his, and conservatives', and Alaskans' criteria. His fighting you reveals some evil stuff going on with him." — Palin, talking to Parnell about attacks by conservative talk-show host Dan Fagan

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