Tuesday, Jun. 30, 2009

Career Killer

To: 11 friends at Merrill Lynch

From: Peter Chung

Re: In 2001, the young, hot-shot trader with the Carlyle Group got transferred to the company's office in Seoul. Upon arriving, he wrote a triumphant e-mail to his less fortunate colleagues in Manhattan about his sexual exploits — who, in turn, forwarded it to several more buddies on Wall Street. It didn't take long before the note landed in the inbox of Chung's employers. In just 361 words, he effectively wrote his own resignation. He ended up losing his job, his reputation and his chance to score with "hot chicks."

Excerpt: Why do I need 3 bedrooms? Good question,.... the main bedroom is for my queen size bed,...where CHUNG is going to f--- every hot chick in Korea over the next 2 year ... CHUNG is KING of his domain here in Seoul..... So,.... all of you f---ers better keep in touch and start making plans to come out and visit my ass ASAP, I'll show you guys an unbelievable time. — Chung