Thursday, Jun. 11, 2009



Tagline: It could happen to you...

Steve Martin (Gil Buckman) shows that he can "do" adult in Ron Howard's funny, family-orientated, feisty comedy. Parenthood stands out because it doesn't portray an idyllic set-up but gets down to the business that concerns all families: lives, careers, futures. The ensemble cast plays their part; in particular Jason Robards as Gil's father Frank and the Oscar-nominated Mary Steenburgen as Gil's wife Karen. Martin may never actually find a role as rewarding as this ever again.

Quote: Karen (Steenburgen): Do you really have to go?
Gil (Martin): My whole life is "have to."

TIME's Take: "There is something brave and original about piling up most of our worst parental nightmares in one movie and then daring to make a midsummer comedy out of them. It really shouldn't work, but it does."