Thursday, Jun. 11, 2009

Back to the Future Part II


Tagline: Getting back was only the beginning.

The adorable Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) and the equally adorable Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) team up again and this time actually use the DeLorean to, you know, visit the future, try and avoid bumping into themselves and bring peace and harmony to the universe and the late 1980s. Ludicrous plot revolved around knowing each and every outcome of all sporting events. Doesn't that take the fun out of it?

Quote: Marty McFly (Fox): [Reading the newspaper from 2015] "Within two hours of his arrest, Martin McFly Jr. was tried, convicted and sentenced to fifteen years in the state penitentiary."? Within two hours?
Doc Brown (Lloyd): The justice system works swiftly in the future now that they've abolished all lawyers.

TIME's Take: "Back to the Future II ceases to be a sequel. It becomes instead a kind of fugue, brilliantly varying and expanding on previously stated themes. And it accomplishes this while retaining its powerful narrative drive and its infectious geniality."