Thursday, Jun. 11, 2009

Lethal Weapon 2


Tagline: The Magic is Back!

The original Lethal Weapon (1987) breathed new life into the moribund buddy movie and a sequel was inevitable. This doesn't begin to match the original, but Mel Gibson and Danny "I'm too old for this s___" Glover manage to efficiently chew the scenery and deal with the bad guys. Beware: this film is also notable for Patsy Kensit's character committing the worst South African accent in celluloid history.

Movie's Key Quote:
Martin Riggs (Gibson): Police! Open up!
Leo Getz (Joe Pesci): How do I know it's the police? Riggs: After I shoot you through the door, you can examine the bullet. Open up!

TIME's Take: "Now if only this gang could shoot straight, they might rid the world of Detectives Riggs and Murtaugh — and spare moviegoers further sequels."