Thursday, Jun. 11, 2009

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


Tagline: He's back in an all new adventure. Memorial Day 1989.

The third episode in Steven Spielberg's romp paired Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) with his father, Professor Henry Jones (played perfectly by Sean Connery). Perceived wisdom is that Last Crusade isn't as good as Raiders of the Lost Ark but wipes the floor with Temple of Doom. Worth watching if only to find out how Indy got his hat, the scar on his chin, and his nickname. And after the dismal Doom, Indy also got his groove back.

Quote: Indiana Jones: I came here to SAVE you!
Professor Henry Jones: Oh, yeah? And who's gonna come to save you, JUNIOR?

TIME's Take: "A great quartet of storytellers to watch riding off into the everlasting sunset at the end of Indiana Jones' last and best crusade."