Thursday, Jun. 04, 2009

Sarah Silverman

I just ate a fancy schmancy dinner of deconstructed olives and liquified cheeses and all my stomach kept thinking was, "This is not cereal."
2:52 AM May 28th from web

I have a real life stomach ache and I'm on a night shoot at the hospital where they shoot Grey's Anatomy.
2:28 AM May 17th from Twittelator

Diarrhea would be a beautiful name if it didn't mean diarrhea
3:38 PM May 14th from Twittelator

I just played the "which LOST character are you?" quiz on Tall's facebook and I got Hurley.
4:10 PM Apr 24th from web

I'm allergic to the sun — I get brown/black patches all over my face. I told my doc I miss the sun and he told me to buy a picture of it.
4:02 PM Apr 19th from web