Tuesday, Jun. 02, 2009


Even when the economy suffers, people need medical treatment, and the number of older people who require care will grow rapidly as boomers age. This greatly increases the need for nurses and medical assistants and technicians right now. "Thousands of registered-nurse openings are expected to result from the need to replace experienced nurses who leave the occupation, many of whom are reaching retirement age in the next few years," reports Salary.com. "Nursing positions are expected to grow more rapidly in nursing-care facilities and home health-care organizations." The median salary is $56,242. The working environment of medical facilities is typically good. Training programs can take as little as two years, making the job a real possibility for older people in search of a new career. Medical assistants and technicians operating X-ray machines and performing other functions are in equal demand. The jobs pay somewhat less and typically require only a two-year degree or possibly nothing more than on-the-job training, though those with a four-year degree can expect to earn more. With a variety of working environments, from hospitals to small clinics, you should be able to find the work/life balance you seek.