Tuesday, Jun. 02, 2009


This is another line of work that tops almost every expert's list for job security, benefits and work/life balance. The median salary for a college professor is $56,674, according to CareerCast.com and, well, you already know about the summers off, spring break, winter break and the low-stress life on campus. Local school districts often let teachers retire and then rehire them as consultants or on a part-time basis. They may get tuition reimbursement for advanced coursework and even have their student loans forgiven. Teachers at all levels, especially in public school systems, are less secure than they once were due to states' budget cuts. But tenured teachers have little to worry about in that regard, and there is a continued high demand for educators in high-growth communities, and just about everywhere for teachers in the fields of math and science, reports Salary.com. This is also a demographically challenged field that will lose many in its ranks to retirement in the coming years. If you already have a four-year degree, you may be able to gain certification in just over a year. Some districts allow people to start teaching having a bachelor's degree in another field while they seek certification.