Tuesday, Jun. 02, 2009

Government Manager

As the Obama Administration rescues (some might say invades) private enterprises, including banks and automakers, and doles out stimulus money for construction projects, there is a rapidly escalating need for managers on the Federal Government's payroll. It takes manpower to oversee bailouts and takeovers and to enforce new rules and regulations. There is also increasing demand for government managers in areas like human resources and public affairs. The pay varies by department but averages around $50,000 annually, though it can go significantly higher. "The more the government spends, the bigger role it plays in our economy," says Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder.com. "And we're just now entering a time when government is going to keep getting bigger." Ferguson says the traditional job security and benefits of a government job is only part of what makes it attractive today. "The work is far more dynamic," he says. "You are interacting with the private sector like never before." That means building new skills and connections that can help you leap to the private sector for more money later on. Meanwhile, of course, you enjoy the unparalleled benefits of federal employment, including job security, a great retirement and health-care plan, a flexible schedule, generous paid vacation, assistance with tuition and paying off student loans and possibly even long-term-care insurance.