Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010

America Ferrera

On Her Facebook Debut
I'm a reluctant technology user. I didn't understand why I would want to put myself out there in a way that anybody could say whatever they want about me, to me.

On Personal Contact
I've been in meetings where everyone has their phone on the table. We've all accepted that we're only going to give each other this much of our attention because this much is reserved for something that might happen. It's rude.

On Making Money Online
At this point, people do things on the Web because it's easy and it's fun, and you can reach a lot of people. I don't think anyone — at least the people I've worked with and the video content I've been a part of — is thinking of it as a cash cow.

On Using the Web for Indies
I've found ways to use new platforms to get content out that isn't mainstream. There are independent films that aren't going to get a theatrical release, but they might be able to sell on iTunes.