Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010

Philip Rosedale

On the Power of Choice
If everybody [in the audience] could make their own clothes, how like or unlike each other would you choose to be? A hell of a lot more unusual-looking than you'd think. In Second Life, normal people will choose to be more unlike each other than they do in the real world.

On What People Will Pay For
Anything that can be made and recorded becomes essentially free. [People will pay for] the live experience. That doesn't yet technologically exist on the Internet. When it does, a lot of content will happen in that venue and people will figure out what they can charge for that. A live experience is not something you can make a copy of and put on BitTorrent.

On the Life of Web Brands
The global reach of technology makes brand recognition much faster than before, so Google became a worldwide brand in a space and time, and with an expenditure of money and effort, that's a tiny fraction of a General Electric. But at the same time, the rate of change in technology makes it possible for those brands to be torn down more quickly.