Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010

Tim Westergren

On the End of Broadcast
Our culture grew up around the notion of "Tune in all together to X." Now you watch when and how you want it. That changes tens of hours you spend a week.

On the Web Revolution
Whether it was good or bad, I think the jury's out. Is technology substituting for human interaction? That's the part that worries me a bit.

On How Music Will Survive
[The industry must] move into a patronage model, which is how it started: money from the King supported composers and performers. When people have a choice to steal, you have to make them your patron.

On Internet Brands
Consumers are able to interact with you in ways they've never been able to before. So you have to put much more effort into transparency and continually connecting with, listening to, reacting to and cultivating people who use your service. If you let them down, you fall off a cliff.