Wednesday, Sep. 22, 2010

Lauren Zalaznick

The Future of Newspapers
What is it about the end of print that we're mourning? It used to be, "Well, I can't take my computer into the bathroom in the morning to read my sports pages." Well, guess what. Pick up your iPad and go. And the old "I miss the newsprint on my fingers ..." Really? Because I don't.

The Fourth Estate
The question [for citizen journalism] is, Where's the Woodward and Bernstein? A year and a half reporting a story that may not go anywhere, paying big salaries, and it may or may not get printed. The burden [is] on the editors and the publishers to keep investing in [investigative journalism]. It is essential.

Consumers Unleashed
Soliciting engagement from your consumer is a cost of entry. We thought about the recession long before it was a news story, because the women of our iVillage community were speaking to each other, saying, "My husband just got laid off." People have now been given a right to speak, and you can't muzzle them.