Thursday, May. 20, 2010

David Chang

Getting Started
Philanthropy was not a goal when I started cooking. It was happenstance. A lot of times, when charity events are held, they're held over a chef-sponsored dinner. And that's how I became involved. And then I started to donate my time.

Acting Locally
Organizations like City Harvest or Food Bank feed the truly hungry who live among us. When you go out and serve people who actually need food — not scraps, but stuff we could serve in the restaurant — and give it to people who really need it, it has a resounding impact.

Lead by Example
I have a lot of my sous chefs and cooks donate their time now. And once they are a part of philanthropic endeavors, they're much more in tune, and then they start doing it of their own volition. And word of mouth helps. When the sous chefs come back and say, "Wow, that was a life-changing experience," they get other people to come, so I don't have to force anyone to go.