Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2009

Jay Adelson

The Future of Free News
Increasingly, over time, I think information is ubiquitous. I think that I will be able to get a lot of that data — sometimes not even assembled by an individual — to give me the answer that I want. And for that, I will not pay.

The New Editors
On Digg, there is something we call a tastemaker, or influential user, who for whatever reason has done a great job selecting stories over the course of years. Effectively, what they are doing is editing. They are curating and collecting stories. Digg users develop a relationship with that individual and start following that person over time.

Today's Hottest Trend
Location and location awareness. Right now I have devices that know where I am and a new wave of applications that react to where I am. Imagine the historical context of a location popping into an iPhone! The next generation of products and ideas will definitely be affected by this growing trend.