Thursday, Apr. 23, 2009

Barbara Walters Interview

Young, brash and on top of the world, Tyson started to crack. The then-22 year-old and wife Robin Givens were interviewed by Barbara Walters in a 1998 segment arguably more taut with tension than anything he had faced in the ring. As Walters pried into the young couple's marriage, Givens described the "hell" of life with Tyson, making on-air accusations of emotional and physical abuse.

Tyson remained stoic, but off-camera found it increasingly difficult to make his center hold. Following the interview, he argued with Givens, crashed his car, and flew into a rage. Both alleging abuse, the couple underwent a messy divorce shortly after. For Tyson, it would be but the first instance of a messy personal life that would dog him throughout his career.

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