Thursday, Apr. 23, 2009

The "Warrior" Tattoo

Thrown after his heavyweight loss to Lewis, Tyson tried one final run at a title. The road ran through Clifford Etienne. Before their 2003 bout in Memphis, Tyson was dogged with questions about his fitness and dedication. Instead of retreating to the gym to re-sculpt his "Iron Mike" physique, however, Tyson opted for unorthodox means of preparation: getting a tat.

But it wasn't just any tattoo — it was a massive "warrior" design that devoured the left side of his face. For a pop culture chronicler, it was manna from heaven; Tyson's tat might be the most mocked in history. Still, maybe it really did help him channel that inner warrior. Tyson knocked out Etienne in under a minute, notching his last career victory.

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