Thursday, Apr. 16, 2009

The Gun-Store Owner

Jody Windschitl, 49, Missouri Valley, Iowa

Our sales are up about 33% this year compared with last. As an industry, they say it's the "Obama effect." We have never been in business when the Democrats are in office. We've been told that gun sales go through the roof, and they weren't kidding. We can't even get stuff. Ammunition has just dried up all over the country. Right now we're so busy, we've had to hire one person. People are afraid also of the Democrats' putting a ban on firearms — that's the biggest fear factor.

I used to see about five M-15s sold a year. Until about two weeks ago, we were selling about five a week. Now it's three a week. More women are buying, especially older ones. A lot of them are widows who are alone, and they want to have self-protection, just because of the economy. We've had a lot of robberies and break-ins in our area, and they're attributing that to people being out of work.

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