Thursday, Apr. 16, 2009

The Autoworker

Mike Polder, 33, Lordstown, Ohio

I had worked at the GM plant here since 1995. I was in a press room stamping out exterior parts for the Chevy Cobalt — doors and body sides. As recently as nine months ago, it looked like a really solid place to work. When gas prices were high, the small cars were hot. In December 2008, things started to look bad. Sales just fell apart. People couldn't get financing. I got laid off in January. I'm hoping that maybe by January 2010, we can start getting people back in the plant. I really enjoy my job. I love my community. I really love it here, and I would never want to be anywhere else. This is where I was born; this is what I know; this is the food I taste; these are the sports teams I've grown up on. I'd rather be here than anywhere else. GM is my team, and I'm pulling for them.

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