Tuesday, Mar. 03, 2009

The Greenest Convention Ever?

The Problem: Political conventions are a spectacle, and spectacles don't exactly lend themselves to environmental consciousness.

The Solution: Democrats promised their 2008 convention in Denver would be the "greenest convention in history." Sponsors encouraged attendees to offset their convention travel with carbon credits, while meals were made of locally-grown ingredients, reducing the environmental impact. Denver's Pepsi Center also staffed the convention floor with nearly 950 volunteers to make sure attendees tossed their trash and recyclables responsibly. Less effective, however were the wooden keycards, that replaced the standard hotel-issue plastic cards, and which reportedly splintered easily; or the billboard near Denver that reportedly asked the public to save water by wearing their underwear for four days in a row: forwards one day, backwards the next, then inside out for two more.

Eco Craziness: 4/5. When it comes to underwear, change is something we ALL can believe in.

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