Tuesday, Mar. 03, 2009

Sustainable Love

The Problem: You're all set for an amorous evening: Candles lit, music playing, mood set. If only nagging worries over the environmental consequences of your lovemaking didn't spoil the passion! Condoms are made of latex, produced — often unsustainably — from rubber trees. Lubricants contain petroleum byproducts and chemical compounds that some say are harmful to health. Buzzkill.

The Solution: Eco-condoms and plant lubricant. The French Letter Condom Company offers several varieties of condom, each made with latex from sustainable sources. A portion of the sales of each condom also goes to benefit workers on the latex plantations in Asia. Pair that with Yes Yes Yes lubricant, which is produced from plants and is certified organic.

Eco Craziness: 2/5. Finally, guilt-free sex — at least from an environmental perspective.

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