Friday, Feb. 13, 2009


When Lifehacker debuted in early 2005, a blog dedicated to tips and downloads for getting things done seemed an inconsequential addition to the blogosphere. But times have changed; these days, Lifehacker reads like nothing less than a survival guide to the Great Recession. Lifehacker is a "Hints from Heloise" for the digital age; it's all about doing more with what you already have. There are tips on brewing the best possible coffee without spending more money, making simple low-cost crock pot dinners, and improving your resume by eliminating over-used phrases (ditch "team player" and "detail oriented"). Lifehacker is especially good on getting the most out of your digital devices; one of last year's most popular posts was "How to Turn Your iPod Touch into an iPhone."

Sample Lifehacker post: Add some storage beneath the seat of your bike with this ridiculously cheap and simple hard-backed saddle-bag. It's made from recycled material, and you'll always have a place to stash stuff on the go.

Entry you'll never see: If your computer is slowing down under the weight of too many files, you're probably better off buying a new machine.