Friday, Feb. 13, 2009

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman

A decade ago, Ree Drummond moved from Los Angeles, where she wore black pumps to work everyday, to live on a dusty cattle ranch in the Midwest. Her blog is a chronicle of her fitful transition from a spoiled city girl to a homey ranch wife, sort of a digital age version of "Green Acres." There are posts about chipping dried cow poop from boots, frying calf nuts and a running "wild tale of romance and cow manure," recounting how she met her rancher husband and became a pioneer wife. Drummond's blog is no hayseed effort; it's a slick-looking site that posts her photography, home remodeling tips, poetry, and recipes of dishes she's whipped up in her own kitchen. (When she makes ranch-style chicken, it's the real deal.) The blog also features periodic "Give That Photo a Name" contests, with the winners receiving real prizes. Like Green Acres, this is the place to be for farm living.

Sample Confessions of a Pioneer Woman post: I have no idea how I got here...but you know what? I love it. Don't tell anyone.

Entry you'll never see: Yesterday, I bought a cute little black dress at Bloomingdale's and then treated myself to a pedicure.