Friday, Feb. 13, 2009


Blogging has been around less than a decade, but Heather Armstrong can rightly call herself an old hand. The 33-year old Salt Lake City resident launched back in February 2001, and had a brief moment in the national spotlight a year later when she was fired from her job because she had written about people in her workplace. Years later, dooce is still going strong, a highly personal and often funny account of parenthood, pregnancy, struggles with depression and cancer, and life as a former Mormon living among Mormons. Dooce's strength is its unflinching honesty. There are plenty of blogs out there that recount the wonders of pregnancy, but few bloggers manage to cut to the chase as quickly as Armstrong: "Sometimes when I'm trying to roll out of bed in the morning I'm like, whose boobs are these?"

Sample Dooce post: Five years ago at this exact moment a wall-eyed anesthesiologist was sticking an enormous needle in my back in order to administer an epidural. To celebrate the anniversary of this event I made cupcakes.

Entry you'll never see: Enough about me. Let's see what else is going on in the world.