Saturday, Feb. 28, 2009

David Lynch

Thought of the Day: We are like the spider. We weave our life & move along it. We are like the dreamer who dreams & then lives in the dream.
1:54 PM Feb. 10

Good morning. It's Feb. 6, 2009 and it's a Friday. Here in LA, DARK, GREY, COLD, RAINING. 55°F, 13°C.
7:53 AM Feb. 6


David Lynch's Tweets are too genuinely eccentric for them to be products of an impersonator.

No, you will not read anything about little people talking backwards in rooms lined with velvet walls or other carnival-esque Lynchian escapades. Rather his "thoughts of the day" range from imploring Republicans to move to another country to contemplating the transience of clouds. And his meticulous daily Los Angeles weather reports have turned the avant-garde director into a virtual meteorologist of sorts.

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