Tuesday, Feb. 03, 2009

Christian Bale Doesn't Use His Words

Warning: Video contains explicit language

Just listening to Christian Bale berate director of photography Shane Hurlbut on the set of Terminator Salvation makes you shrink in your seat. Hurlbut, who had apparently entered the shot while trying to attend to a wayward light, gets a severe tongue-lashing from Bale (a hilarious YouTube musical remix has already appeared). At one point it even sounds as if he is going to physically attack Hurlbut, scuffling around and screaming, "I'm gonna f___ing kick your f___ing ass!"

While most people decried Bale's behavior as ridiculous, actors like Whoopi Goldberg rose to his defense. On The View, she explained that long hours and prior instances in which crew members lacked professionalism could have spurred the Dark Knight's rage. Or maybe his demonstrated history of anger-management issues (see assault on sister and mom, alleged) had something to do with it. Bale does in fact call Hulbert's professionalism into question, saying, "You don't f___in' understand what it's like working with actors." I guess he does now.

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