Monday, Dec. 29, 2008

Art Donovan

The Game: A Hall-of-Fame defensive end born and raised 40 blocks north of Yankee Stadium, the beefy Donovan was such a force that Giants offensive coordinator Vince Lombardi instructed his backs to run away from his side of the line. "Somebody wrote that in the films of the '58 championship game Art Donovan looked like a big marshmallow covered by a number 70 jersey trailing after every play with his sweat socks drooping low," Donovan wrote in his 1987 autobiography, Fatso: Football When Men Were Really Men. "And that's about right."

Post-Game: His doughy frame and self-deprecating wit, all spoken with a thick Bronx accent, earned Donovan appearances on Johnny Carson and David Letterman. "I'd like to have a truckload of Schlitz to go with me when I get to heaven," the 84-year-old recently told the Baltimore Sun.