Monday, Dec. 15, 2008

Caped Crusaders?

Divorced dads Jolly Stanesby and Eddie Goreckwi ambushed the rooftop of London's Royal Courts of Justice in October 2003 to call attention to the plight of fathers in family courts. As members of controversial "Fathers 4 Justice" group, the men came prepared; they brought with them enough food, bedding and clothes for an entire week of caped crusading. The following month, another member of "F4J" scaled a 120-foot crane to express disdain toward a judge who had denied him access to his 3-year-old daughter; he too was dressed like a superhero. Though none of the men served time for their guerilla-style theatrics, the organization nearly collapsed in 2006 after authorities uncovered a plot by several of the group's members to kidnap the 5-year-old son of then Prime Minister Tony Blair.