Sunday, Nov. 09, 2008

Vista Launched, Crashes Soon Thereafter

Vista was introduced after years of production delays, rumors and industry buzz, which probably amplified the criticism it received. While reviewers called Vista's stylish new visuals a success, the operating system caused enough hiccups for users that it soon developed a toxic reputation. Vista sales did not live up to Microsoft's expectations, and earlier this year, the company acknowledged the operating system needed a face-lift to counter the negative word-of-mouth campaign against it. The company conducted focus groups with people who had heard bad things about Vista and showed them a demonstration of the Microsoft Mojave operating system. After the interviewees gave Mojave high marks, it was revealed that what they were seeing was actually Vista. This video-marketing campaign may help resuscitate Vista, but in case you had any doubts about whether the operating system has caused Microsoft one big long headache, less than two years after Vista's debut, Microsoft unveiled its successor, Windows 7, in October.