Monday, Nov. 03, 2008

Hamster on a Piano (Eating Popcorn)

One of the best things about the internet is its ability to make a star out of the little guy. This couldn't be truer than in the case of the wee white hamster lying on his back atop a keyboard, made famous with the help of Parry Gripp, a whimsical songwriter formerly of the group Nerf Herder who, if his random musical oeuvre is any indication, apparently has way too much time on his hands. The riff is catchy, the pet is adorable — and, we're pretty sure, was unharmed in the making of this video. Why is it so funny? Well, as the song says, there's a hamster on a piano and he's eating popcorn...on a piano. In short, it's the mundane made madcap. That's why you log onto YouTube, right?