Monday, Nov. 03, 2008

A Giant Grab

Who would have thought that an imperfect player would spoil a perfect season? By catching a ball with his helmet, no less? With 1 minute, 15 seconds remaining in Super Bowl XLII, the 18-0 New England Patriots led the New York Giants, 14-10. On a third down play from their own 44-yard line, Giants quarterback Eli Manning somehow escaped the clutch of two New England defenders and tossed a Hail Mary down field. As a Patriots safety practically mugged him, David Tyree, a 28-year-old fourth-string receiver who had battled drugs and alcohol in his younger days, jumped in the air, got his hands on the ball, and then nestled it against his headgear as he fell to the ground. It seemed an impossible catch, and four plays later the Giants scored the winning touchdown, clinching an unthinkable upset. "As it was happening, I almost felt like I could hear music," Tyree, who hasn't played this season due to injury, told Sports Illustrated. "It was fast, but it was slow, too."