Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2008

Fred Grandy

He was a son of Sioux City who made good. Educated at Exeter and Harvard, Paul Grandy started his career in politics, working for Congressman Wiley Mayne. He was on a rocket path to success and respectability. Then, in 1977, he became Gopher. And Gopher he shall forever be.

Clad in shorts and knee socks, Gopher — er, Grandy — spent nine seasons as The Love Boat's purser. It was far from a serious role, even by Love Boat standards, and when he decided to run for Congress from his home state of Iowa, opponents tagged him as the fancy-educated, fool actor. Grandy won, however, and served in the House from 1987-1995. He just barely lost a 1994 primary for Iowa governor and is now a radio talk-show host on The Grandy and Andy Show.