Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2008

Sarah Palin Scares P. Diddy

It's not easy to freak out a hip-hop mogul. But "Diddy Blog Post #24" sees P. Diddy crouched under a blanket in a darkened room with a flashlight on his face, whispering into the camera, "She scares me," à la The Blair Witch Project. The clip then cuts to one of Palin's notorious interviews with CBS's Katie Couric, in which the Alaska governor dodges a question about which publications she reads to inform her worldview. "Boys and girls," Diddy says breathlessly. "Did you hear her? ... Did you hear?! John McCain is 72! Sarah Palin could be the President!"

To date, Diddy has posted more than 30 video blogs about the election. In one such post, he rants about McCain's decision to choose Palin as his running mate, saying the Arizona Senator "is buggin' the f___ out" as he spins around in a dizzying circle. In another, Diddy notes the significance of Nov. 4 — not only is it Election Day, but it's his birthday.