Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2008

The 'Disney' Trailer

This faux trailer for the fictional (but completely believable) film Head of Skate comes straight from the website CollegeHumor (or, as the trailer puts it, from the makers of The Mighty Ducks and Syriana). The spoof takes its cue from actor Matt Damon's comment in Septmeber that Sarah Palin's nomination was "like a really bad Disney movie." And ... action! It's the unlikely story of an Alaska hockey mom getting tapped by a white-haired politician to be his vice-presidential pick (voiceover: "She's putting the 'ice' in Vice President"), to which she initially responds, "I have to go pick up Algebra at hockey practice, and I've got a lasagna in the oven." First one to write a script gets a contract!