Thursday, Oct. 23, 2008

Britney Spears

Okay, so she's had a rough few years — what with the shaved head and failed marriage and the fact that she can't seem to leave the house without stopping by Starbucks for a venti frappaccino — but Britney Spears used to be the ultimate pop princess. Her first album, ...Baby One More Time debuted at number one on Billboard's pop charts. So did her next three, making Britney the first artist with four consecutive albums released at number one. She's been a naughty schoolgirl, a teenage Barbarella, a snake charmer and a diamond-encrusted pin-up. Britney Spears gave us her (commercialized, test-marketed) innocence, and no matter how many paparazzi she dates, we'll always be rooting for her. We were so excited to see her bronzed, groomed and smiling at this year's MTV Video Awards that we don't care that her latest number one single Womanizer is irritatingly repetitive. We're just glad to have the old Britney back.