Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2008

Diane Von Furstenberg

It's possible that when Diane von Furstenberg decided her resort collection would be inspired by travel, she was designing a wardrobe for herself. After all, Von Furstenberg logs a lot of time abroad. After trips to Moscow, Cannes and London earlier in the year, she spent August cruising around the Adriatic, stopping off in Croatia, Greece and Italy.

Favorite city: "There are so many ... I love Paris, Istanbul, London and, of course, New York."

Favorite hotel: "I love Claridge's in London. Martin is the best concierge in the world, the sheets are the most luxurious linen, and the breakfast is perfect."

Airport pastime: "I spend most of the time reading or on my computer answering e-mail and playing solitaire."

Jet-lag remedy: "I ignore it and immediately shift to the time zone of my destination."

Home away from home: "As long as I am with family and friends, I am at home, whether it be at an old palace in Rajasthan or on a boat in the middle of the Adriatic."

In my carry-on: "Camera, computer, colored pencils and a notebook, makeup and a cashmere blanket. I always have my camera with me because inspiration is everywhere."

Escape destination: "Our boat EOS or any hiking trail. Hiking is my favorite escape, and you can do it no matter where you are. I love the feeling of traveling by foot and seeing things from that perspective."

Packing tip: "Travel light, very light, and take things that can work in many ways. When you figure out how to pack lightly, you figure out how to live lightly."

Where I shop till I drop: "At bookstores. I buy books everywhere I go."

Most breathtaking: "For me, life itself has always been breathtaking because you never know where it is going to take you. It is the ultimate journey."

By Betsy Kroll