Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2008


Dell Inspiron Mini 9
Small enough to fit in a pocketbook, this 2.3-lb. (1 kg) ultraportable comes in two flavors: Windows XP ($399-$449) or, for maximum open-source coolness, Ubuntu Linux ($349). You can stick your camera's SD card right into its media reader, and the bright 8.9-in. (23 cm) screen will show off your family photos (or YouTube faves). Tiny as it is, you don't have to scroll around to see full Web pages as you would on a phone, though the compact keyboard does take a little getting used to.
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The Sakku Solar Bag
A laptop bag that does not make you feel like Jon Cryer in Two and a Half Men is a rare and precious thing. Rarer still, Sakku's bags are made from recycled material (old sails and awnings) and incorporate a solar cell for charging gadgets.
Price:$289 and up
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MacBook Pro
You can find a cheaper laptop, but not a better one. Every Apple MacBook Pro is carved from a single block of aluminum, making it strong and light (4.5 lb.; 2 kg). A revolutionary pair of graphic chips lets you play Call of Duty 2 until your five-hour battery dies.
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