Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2008

Dash Express

Unlike other dashboard GPS devices, Dash gathers real-time information from the Internet and assesses local traffic information using a network of drivers. So, instead of the static information typically stored on navigation gadgets, Dash's data is continually updated online, which means that if you're looking for a good restaurant on your way home, you won't end up at one that's gone out of business. Dash can also search for nearby movie theaters, show you reviews, then take you to the flick you want to see. Another handy Dash feature lets you compare prices at nearby gas stations and find the cheapest spot. Other cool add-ons allows users to customize: One tool guides you to area homes for sale; another keeps an eye out for local speed traps to help you avoid getting a ticket.
Price: $299.99, plus $9.99 per month and up
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