Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2008

Michelle Obama

Emerging to strains of Stevie Wonder, Michelle Obama came to the podium "as a wife and as a mom" who believes her husband would be a great President and whose children are the center of her life. In a slim turquoise dress by her favorite Chicago-based designer, she glowed while she spoke affectionately of her devoted, hard-working parents, her love for her husband and the issues facing the country. There were brief but heartfelt nods to women's suffrage, Martin Luther King, public servants, soldiers, Joe Biden and, most conspicuously, Hillary Clinton, but she generally kept things light and cozy as the crowd went wild for her every smile and sigh and her mother proudly looked on. Those Americans just getting to know Michelle Obama likely found her warm, accessible, beautiful and relatable; those who hope Cindy McCain will be the next First Lady may grumble over Michelle's prudently gentle delivery. Her daughters joined her onstage, looking especially adorable, and the girls appeared to beam as Senator Obama greeted them remotely from Kansas City, Mo. In her one big chance to convince the country that she is ready to be First Lady, Michelle Obama checked the box in a major way.

Mark Halperin