Thursday, Jul. 31, 2008

Travel Valet Service - Trackstick II

A few years ago my father-in-law, a man who walks five miles a day, got me a pedometer. Like any life metric device, I found it disturbingly fascinating to know the exact distance of a lap around my office floor (.2 miles). But a pedometer is a cave painting compared to the IMAX movie of my perambulations created by the Trackstick. Powered by two AAA batteries, it's got 4MB of built-in storage for tracking weeks of your every step. Load it into your computer via the built in USB connection, apply the nifty Google Earth integration and all of a sudden you can see your life mapped by a series red lines. Travel great distances and you'll have that Magellan feeling of creating an arc across the globe. But more than likely you'll be amazed by your predictability; turns out I almost never vary my .59 mile walk to the subway—and I do a lot of laps around the office.

List Price: $199

Josh Tyrangiel